95% of games that enter production never make a profit. Most will never actually ship. 

At Valarin, we want to change that, and we view leaders as the catalyst to a better industry. The gaming market continues to grow. There is a continual hunger for the amazing interactive experiences that only video games provide. We believe that if we can build up and guide leaders in the games industry to think holistically – and not get stuck in all the tools and methodologies that are everywhere – more amazing games will happen.

Holistic Leadership is imperative to building successful games.

What We Do

We coach, mentor, and teach your leaders to think about the culture, vision, and processes of their teams. A leader who can identify and resolve problems at any of these layers can take real responsibility for their problem space. Once they realize their job is not just ‘managing the process’, they become accountable for more than just meetings and status reports – they become accountable for the success of your people and products.

Whether you are a start-up in a basement, a large company looking to level up leadership, or a completely remote studio operating across 5 time zones, we would love to talk to you. Your leaders create the environment that allows everyone else to succeed. We’d love to help make sure that environment leads to great games and software.

Holistic leaders are able to drive change around Culture, Vision, and Process.

We believe Holistic Leadership is imperative to building successful games. Our vision is a gaming industry filled with holistic leaders that help studios produce amazing products players love.

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